How to Have an EASY and FUN Family Photo Session in the Chicagoland Area

June 9, 2022

I can't tell you how many times families will approach me while at a local event and tell me they want a family portrait, but don't know how to prepare for it. My response is always, "OK, let me help!". I know families are so busy this summer and fall season with sports, camps, vacations, school, work, and so much more, so I like to make my portrait sessions EASY and FUN. Today, I have some tips on how to make that happen.

Work together with your photographer on outfit choices

Let me start with the EASY. I bet one of the first things that pops into your head when you think of booking a portrait session is, "What will everyone wear!?" Am I right? Figuring out what to wear can be overwhelming. When you book a family portrait session with me I'll work closely with you to select clothing that fits the style of photographs you'd like and fits your family. We'll share ideas back and forth and work as a team. I can help make this process EASY for you.

Show up ready to have FUN!

And now, it's all about the FUN! I like to think of my sessions as scheduled quality time with your family. Life is so busy and it's hard to take time to be in the moment and have fun with your family. My sessions offer families a time to laugh, cozy up and enjoy being together. I tell them to just have fun together and I'll be there to capture all the beautiful moments. I also ask them to show up with a carefree attitude. The best photographs come from parents that just go with the flow and allow themselves to relax and let go. My photographs are natural and non-posed because I ask my families to just relax, not stress and have fun.

Snuggle Time (even with your teens)!

Being affectionate during your sessions makes for amazing photographs that will make you have all the feels every time you see those photos. I ask my families to pick up their kiddos, wrap their arms around them tight and snuggle. I ask my moms and dads to get close and give each other a kiss. Most of my parents don't even remember the last time they had a photo of them taken just as a couple. For some families it is difficult to relax so I ask them to just pretend like everything their kids do during our session is just adorable, LOL! If you can do that, then your photos will turn out amazing. If this is hard for you to do, then just get close and snuggle up with your kiddos, even those teenagers!

Make them laugh!

What makes your kids laugh? I ask my parents to think about that questions before their session and share with their kiddos during the session to get some authentic smiles. If you choose me as your family photographer, I can help your family have a FUN session!

Choose a fun photographer!

If you are interested in family photos that look natural, make you smile and feel wonderful inside, then please choose me as your photographer. I will help you create an EASY and FUN photo session, and my booking process is EASY, too! You can check out my website here and read some testimonials from some of my families that enjoyed their sessions with me. If you're in the Oak Park or Chicagoland area and would like to learn more about booking your family photography session with me, please click here to send me a message.

Have a great summer!